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Project Information

The proposed wind turbines would be sited on land south west of Bennan Loch, around 1km east of the M77 and less than 1km west of the operational Whitelee wind farm in East Renfrewshire.

Project Description

The Proposed Development would comprise the following principal components:

• 3 wind turbines, each with a maximum blade tip height of up to 149.9m

• turbine foundations at each wind turbine

• hard standings adjacent to each wind turbine, including crane pads

• underground electrical cabling

• a substation control building and compound

• access tracks, including one new watercourse crossing and new site entrance from the B674 Moor Road

• a temporary construction compound and laydown area

The layout of the Proposed Development is shown below.

The Proposed Development would have an anticipated installed capacity of approximately 15 MW and the wind turbines are estimated to produce approximately 50,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity annually. This is sufficient to meet the needs of around 14,250 average UK homes*.

The Proposed Development is expected to displace approximately 21,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year*.

The project also has a 2026 grid connection date which means that it will contribute to the Scottish Government’s target for a minimum of 20 GW of onshore wind by 2030.

A revised planning application for the proposed Moorshield Wind Farm was submitted to East Renfrewshire Council and validated on 14/09/2023, with planning reference 2023/0542/TP. All of the application documents can be viewed on the East Renfrewshire Council Planning Portal, and are also available below:

Planning Application Form

Covering Letter

Planning Statement

Application Summary

Location Plan

Appendix 2 1 Landscape and Visual Appraisal

Appendix 2 2 Peat Probing Summary Report

Appendix 2 3 Hydrology Assessment

Appendix 2 4 Noise Assessment

Appendix 2 5 Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Report Part 1 of 4

Appendix 2 5 Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Report Part 2 of 4

Appendix 2 5 Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Report Part 3 of 4

Appendix 2 5 Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Report Part 4 of 4

Appendix 2 6 Aviation Assessment

Appendix 2 7 Shadow Flicker Assessment

Appendix 2 8 Transport Drawings

Appendix 3 Helios Assessment

Appendix 4 Peat Management Plan

Appendix 5 Noise Planning Update

Appendix 6 Aviation Letter

Appendix 7 Noise Planning Update

Appendix 8 Aviation Letter

Appendix 9 Sanquhar II Community Wind Farm Decision

Appendix 10 Clauchrie Wind Farm Decision

Figure 2 Site Layout Plan

Figure 3 Typical Wind Turbine

Figure 4 Typical Turbine Foundation

Figure 5 Typical Section Through Track

Figure 6 Typical Substation Elevations

Figure 7 Typical Crane Hardstanding

Figure 1 1 LVIA Study Area

Figure 1 2 LVIA ZTV Blade Tip

Figure 1 3 LVA ZTV Blade Tip Large Format

Figure 1 4 ZTV Hub Height

Figure 1 5 LVA ZTV Hub Height Large Format

Figure 1 6 LVIA Detailed Study Area

Figure 1 7 SNH Landscape Character Types

Figure 1 8 Local Landscape Character Types

Figure 1 9 Local Landscape Capacity

Figure 1 10 Topography

Figure 1 11 Landscape Planning Designations and Viewpoint Locations

Figure 1 12 Recreational and Transport Routes

Figure 1 13 Residential Properties Settlements and PROW

Figure 1 14 Cumulative Baseline

Figure 1 15 Cumulative Baseline Detailed Study Area

Figure 1 16 Cumulative ZTV1 Existing Wind Farms

Figure 1 17 Cumulative ZTV2 Consented Wind Farms

Figure 1 18 Cumulative ZTV3 Application Wind Farms

Figure 1 19 Cumulative ZTV4 Detailed Study Area

Figure 1 20 Viewpoint 1 Kingswell Road near Highfield

Figure 1 21 Viewpoint 2 Greenfield Hill Mast

Figure 1 22 Viewpoint 3 Threap Knowe

Figure 1 23 Viewpoint 4 Swan Cottages

Figure 1 24 Viewpoint 5 Mid Floak M77

Figure 1 25 Viewpoint 6 Bonnyton Golf Club Car Park

Figure 1 26 Viewpoint 7 Eastwood Golf Club

Figure 1 27 Viewpoint 8 M77 East of Stewarton

Figure 1 28 Viewpoint 9 Neilston Pad

ERC1 Report of Handling for previous application

ERC2 Decision Notice for previous application

*Calculation correct as of December 2022 based on RenewableUK methodology, utilising the most recent household consumption and non-renewable emissions statistics from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) (”